Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What A July!!! Just Go Select!!! Sights of July.

The Mighty Seventh Grade BLACK Team at the NTBA Nationals at Myrtle Beach,  SC.
In the water.

In the sand.

Congrats for a committed and dedicated season.


Lady Select at the YBOA Nationals
Opening Ceremony
Having fun with a team from Mexico.
Fifth Grade Lady Select RED 2d Place National Trophy
Eighth Grade Lady Select RED 2d Place National Trophy


The Ninth Grade Mighty White
Traveled to Savannah, GA and brought back a championship trophy at the South East Georgia Elite Tournament. 
Coach Franklin holding up six fingers indicating that the team has earned six trophies for the season.


The Mighty Tenth Grade PRIME Team earned a bid to the AAU Nationals Div II

The players chipped in and cooked their own breakfast. 
The Parents relaxed by playing cards.
The players listened closely to Coach Hall as he provided a game plan.
The team was 5-2 at the AAU Nationals, the best showing at the AAU nationals thus far this year by a Select team.

Congratulations to the Mighty Tenth Grade PRIME Team.


The Mighty Eighth Grade SILVER Team earned a bid to the AAU Div I Nationals.

This was the team's first trip to an AAU Nationals. They played hard but came up short. Had fun. The team earned 8 trophies this season.

Congratulations to the mighty Eighth Grade SILVER team.

The Mighty Eighth Grade CLASSIC team earned a bid to both the Prime Time Sports and the USBA Nationals. They elected to attend the USBA Nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The team finished strong in pool play and made it to the second round toward the national championship. The team concluded their first season with Atlanta Select with four trophies.

Congratulations to the Mighty Eighth Grade CLASSIC Team.

The Mighty Eleventh Grade BLACK Team played in BIG SHOTS Myrtle Beach and Best of the South prior to going to the AAU Nationals.

Three of the players made the All-Star Big Shots team.
DeAndre #23, Tristen # 1 and Darius # 32.

Denzel below was a star at Big Shots with his 3 point shooting.

After Big Shots the team made it to the Elite Eight at the Best of the South SILVER Bracket.

Coach Penny selected Rodney Ross, an unsigned senior from Pebblebrook H.S. as one of his outstanding players from the tournament.
The team leaves on July 23 for the AAU Nationals.

The Mighty Ninth Grade SILVER team made a run in the Classic Bracket at the AAU Super Showcase. They carried the banner of Atlanta Select extremely well.

The team concluded the season earning 4 trophies.

Congratulations to Coach Carpenter and his mighty Select Team.

Our two teams from Savannah participated in Big Shots Myrtle Beach and earned respect for their hard play.

Dashad Morris was a standout at Big Shots averaging 18 points per game.

Congratulations to the Mighty Savannah Select with head coaches Williams and Little.

The Mighty Sixth Grade RED team made a statement at the USBA Nationals.

At the beach and especially on the court the Mighty RED team let everyone know that Atlanta Select is a force to deal with.

The team made it to the Elite Eight by destroying and making friends.

Congratulations to the Mighty RED team for representing the Select organization extremely well. The team earned 6 trophies for the season.


The Mighty Seventh Grade SILVER Team East

Coach Christopher took his first year team to the USBA Nationals. En route back they stopped in Columbia, SC and met NBA star Ty Corbin. He spent time with the players and gave them advice and encouragement for the next season.


The Mighty Seventh Grade SILVER West Team.

Coach Chris Morris took his first year team to the USBA Nationals. They started slow in pool play but bounced backed in bracket play, finishing 2-3 at the tournament.

Congratulations for a great first year.

The Mighty Eleventh Grade BLACK 8732

Coach Gates and his team made it to the final four at The "Best of the South" tournament losing by one point in overtime. 
One of the standouts in this tournament was his shooting guard, Tyrius Walker, a key player that attends Grady HS.

Congratulations to the Mighty BLACK 8732 team for a very successful year. They will end the month participating in the Power 24 at Emory University later this month.


The Mighty Eleventh Grade RED team.

This team played in nearly every major Exposure and Showcase tournament this season. In July they played in the Elite 32 and the Best of the South. They leave this week for the AAU Nationals.

A standout this season and in the Best of the South tournament was Delmont Walton from Stevenson HS.

We are positive that he will be a key player for the team at the AAU Nationals.

Congratulations to Coach Burton and his Mighty RED Team.

The Mighty Ninth Grade BLACK the Future Team

Coach Mandeldove team is a combination of 9th and 10th graders.  They have played up in most of the tournaments this season. After doing battle at the Best of the South they are headed to the AAU Tenth Grade Nationals in Florida.

Just Go Select!!!

The Mighty Tenth Grade CLASSIC team.
No team has been as busy as the mighty CLASSIC team during July. Peach State, Best of the South, Power 24.
Congratulations for their second place finish in the Silver bracket at the "Best of the South".


The Mighty Eleventh Grade CLASSIC Team

Just as busy as their 10th grade brothers the 11th grade CLASSIC team played in the Elite 32, Best of the South and will play in the Power 24.
Marquise Lanier dazzled the crowd with his dynamic dunks.
Dequantise Bloodworth dazzled the crowd with his speed.
Bloodworth was highlighted as key player for the CLASSIC team during the "Best of the South" tournament.

Congratulations to Coach Hill and his team.

The Mighty Tenth Grade SILVER Team.

The Team won a championship on Sunday afternoon and then loaded up on their van and left for the AAU Nationals.
Hard working team that plays with flash and flare.
Just check out the play of Jamal Lain next time you see him.

Congratulations to Coach Powell and his mighty team. Good Luck at the Nationals.


This is just some of the sights of the Select organization during July. Guess what? There is another week to go.

Just Go Select!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Mighty Atlanta Select Ninth Grade SILVER Team

The Mighty Atlanta Select Ninth Grade SILVER team at the AAU Super Showcase.

Just Go Select!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

National Trophy Winner - The Mighty Atlanta Lady Select Fifth Grade RED Team

Congratulations to The Fifth Grade Lady Select RED with Head Coach Dana Neiger and Head Coach Tyrell McCrae by representing the Select organization extremely well. Second place at the YBOA Nationals, July 5, 2013, Orlando, Florida. We are proud.

Just Go Select!!!