Thursday, July 28, 2011

Revised Schedule and Rules - Atlanta Select Sponsored Tournament- August 5-7, 2011

What did you do on the last weekend before returning to school? Well, I played in the Atlanta Select "Back to Schol Jam". Now I am ready to hit the books and demonstrate that I am a true "Student Athlete", a winner on the court, a winner in the classroom.

Atlanta Select Prime
Back to School
Tournament Schedule and Rules
August 5 – 7, 2011

14U Teams
Team 1# Atl Sel Platinum Team #3 Mc Buck
Team #2 Atl Sel Prime Team #4 Mc Buck

Game Time
Team #1 vs. Team #2 6:00p Fri.
Team #1 vs. Team #3 9:00 a Sat.
Team#2 vs. Team #4 12:45p Sat.
Team #3 vs. Team #2 3:45 Sat.
Team #4 vs. Team # 1 6:45 Sat.
Team #3 vs. Team #4 8:45 Sat.

16U Teams
Team #1 Mc Buck Team #3 Atl Sel Black
Team #2 SCS Team #4 Atl Sel Prime

Game Time
Team #3 vs. Team #2 7:00p Fri.
Team #1 vs. Team #3 10:00a Sat.
Team#2 vs. Team #4 1:45p Sat.
Team #4 vs. Team # 1 4:45p Sat.
Team #3 vs. Team #4 7:45p Sat.
Team #1 vs. Team #2 10:00a Sun

Team# 1 Atl Sel Red Team#3 C.P
Team#2 Atl Sel Prime Team#4 Atl Sel White

Game time
Team#2 vs. Team #4 8:00p Fri.
Team #1 vs. Team #3 11:00a Sat.
Team #3 vs. Team #2 2:45p Sat.
Team #4 vs. Team # 1 5:45p Sat.
Team #1 vs. Team #2 11:00a Sun.
Team #3 vs. Team #4 12:00p Sun.

Tournament Championship Games, Sunday August 7, 2011
14U- 1:00p

• Original Roster must be turned in before the
start of the first game. No additional
players may be added upon turning in the
roster. Note: Teams should have all players
on the roster that mayor may not be
• Teams and two coaches will be admitted
free to the tournament.
• $5 entry fee per day
• A concession stand will be available

Game Rules
• Fighting and cursing is prohibited and offenders will be
ejected from the tournament can be subject to further
• In the first game of the day teams will be allowed a 10
minute grace period; all other games will. be forfeited at
game time.
• 3 minute warm-up between games.
• There will be two 15 minutes halves per game.
• Clocks will stop only the last 2 minutes of every game
and time outs.
• Three timeouts per half: two 30 seconds and 1 full; 1
timeout per team. in overtime.
• 3 minutes will be allowed for halftime
• Bonus on the 7th team foul
• Double bonus on the l0th team foul
• Each team is responsible for cleaning their area after
• Brackets: Team on the right will be home and the team
on the left will be the visitors.
• In the 17u championship game a shot clock will be used.

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Exposure. The Mighty Atlanta Select Eleventh Grade BLACK on the Big Shots Tour.

The Mighty Atlanta Select Eleventh Grade BLACK Team has been on the Big Shots tour this summer.
Last weekend in Virginia, this coming weekend in Rock Hill, SC. College coaches are there.

There is room for two or three post players from the local area to join the team for this weekend.

Must be AAU members.
Call 770-808-4444 ASAP, if interested.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Good Sunday, A National Championship, Meeting with NBA Star Steve Smith, National Runner Up

Top Picture - National NSABA Champions - The Mighty Tenth Grade BLACK Team.

Middle Picture - Hanging Out with Former NBA Star Steve Smith - The Mighty Seventh Grade SILVER at the YBOA Nationals.

Bottom Picture - National NSABA Runner Up - The Mighty Eighth Grade SILVER Team.

EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, Go Atlanta Select!

Five Atlanta Select Teams at the Nationals In Florida This Week. Go Select

The Mighty Seventh Grade SILVER and the Mighty Ninth Grade RED, first to arrive in Florida for the YBOA Nationals.
They will be followed by the Mighty Tenth Grade PRIME, the Mighty Tenth Grade WHITE and the Mighty Eleventh Grade PLATINUM at the AAU Nationals.
Coach Carpenter and Coach Burton. Go Select.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Congratulations Atlanta Select Fifth Grade SILVER - 3rd in the Nation YBOA Div II Championship. Hey, Look at the Trophy!

The Mighty Fifth Grade SILVER team had a very successful year. They earned a trophy in nearly every tournament in which they played to include the YBOA Nationals.
That's the Way They Do It.
Let's nickname them the Atlanta Select Gators.
Go Select. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Atlanta Select? How about Exposure.

It's Exposure.

The Mighty Atlanta Select Eleventh Grade BLACK at Myrtle Beach, SC on the Big Shot tour.

It's Exposure.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

At The "BIg Shot" Tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC - The Mighty Eleventh Grade BLACK

Good Luck to the Mighty Atlanta Select Eleventh Grade BLACK Team as they participate in the "Big Shot" Showcase Classic in Myrtle Beach, SC this weekend. Head Coach Morris and his team will be traveling with the Big Shot Showcase Classic this month as they move from city to city. It's all about EXPOSURE. Go Select!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get Ready - Here We Come. The Mighty Atlanta Select Eleventh Grade RED

The Mighty Eleventh Grade RED Team will be back in action this weekend. The team has been on hiatus for a few weeks as most of the players were supporting their high school basketball activities.
 But now they are ready for action.
This weekend they will play in the D1Spects Power 48  Showcase. Games will be played at the Samson Center on the New Birth campus.
Two games on Saturday: 7:30PM vs. CC Pacers and 10 PM vs. Memphis T-23. 
On Sunday the game is at 4:40 PM vs. Montgomery Suns.

The team is under the leadership of Head Coach Marco Williamson, assisted by Coach Tracie Chambers. 
The coaching staff ensures that Education is stress first and "Life Skills" lessons are presented at each meeting. 
This weekend is an Exposure event and we are confident that the team will represent Atlanta Select extremely well.

Get Ready, Here They Come.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

In The Mix This Weekend - Atlanta Select Teams

The Mighty Eleventh/Twelfth Gare PRIME

The Mighty Eleventh/Twelfth Grade SILVER

The Mighty Ninth Grade RED Team

The Mighty Ninth Grade CLASSIC Team

The Mighty Tenth Grade BLACK Team

The Mighty Second Grade RED Team Playing for Fifth Place at the AAU Nationals.

Good Luck to all. Go Select!