Monday, May 28, 2012

7 Trophies Earned During Memorial Day Weekend. Go Select!

The Mighty Eleventh Grade RED Team - Runner - Up, NSABA State Championship.
Team picture taken at Western Kentucky University in April during their national Exposure tour.
The Mighty Fifth Grade SILVER Team - Champions, GA Tarheels. Memorial Day Weekend.
Team earned their third trophy for the season.
The Mighty Tenth Grade CLASSIC Team - Runner-up, Playing up in the 11th Grade Division
Team testing their skills by playing up, getting ready for the AAU nationals.
The Mighty Ninth Grade PRIME Team - Champions, Playing in the 10th Grade Division,
NSABA State Qualifier. Their fifth trophy for the season. 
The Mighty Eighth Grade SILVER Team, Runner-up, GA Tarheels Memorial Day Weekend.
Their fourth trophy for the season.
The Mighty Eleventh Grade MIDNIGHT Team, Runner-up, GA Tarheels Memorial Day Weekend. Their sixth trophy for the season.
The Mighty Tenth Grade BLACK Team, Big Shots Silver Division Champions.
Preparing for more Exposure Tournaments.

Darius Bridges, Kyle Penny, Maurice Rivers and Tristan Word were profiled and highlighted for their outstanding play at Big Shots Atlanta.
 SYNERGY - Go Select!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Recap - Last Week - Plans - This Week

 The Mighty Ninth Grade PRIME Team, Champions - GA Tar Heels' Young Guns, May 18-20, 2012. This is their fifth trophy for the season.

The Mighty Eleventh Grade PLATINUM Team (Coach Foster) in their first tournament of the season earned 2d Place at the GA Tar Heels' Young Guns tournament.

See It Through. A couple of Atlanta Select teams that live by our official poem. The Mighty Seventh Grade SILVER and Sixth Grade SILVER teams had been playing YBOA all season. Both teams had problems making it to Sundays and the playoffs or the championship rounds. They were beginning to feel that they were being placed in the most competitive pools and destine to lose.
However, what does not destroy you make you stronger.
The Mighty Seventh Grade SILVER team finished in second place out of 34 team competing for the State championship and the Sixth Grade SILVER finished fourth out of 25.
Both team qualified for the National YBOA tournament. Enough said about Seeing it Through.

Coaches Walker, Mason and Burton traveled to Clemson, SC last weekend for the "Big Shots" Clemson tour. This is the second time this season that they have been in Clemson and played at Clemson University. They have all won games and above all offered their teams EXPOSURE. Additionally, they teams have bonded and are having a great time. Congratulations to the Mighty Tenth Grade RED, Eleventh Grade RED and Eleventh Grade BLACK teams.

Coach McCrae and Coach McCadney continue to lead the Mighty Eighth Grade Lady Select RED in the most difficult tournaments. And again, they win. Last weekend they earned their fourth trophy of the season.
What a way to go ladies!

Parents and players enjoying the weekend.


Two teams that have been idle for awhile will be back in the mix this weekend. The Mighty Eleventh Grade PRIME (Coach Johnson) will be playing in the NASBA State Championship and the the Mighty Ninth Grade GRAND (Coach White) will be traveling to Florida for the Pensacola South East Jam. Good luck to both teams.

Friday, May 18, 2012

15 Atlanta Select Teams "Ballin" This Weekend

Big Shots Clemson

     Mighty 11th Grade RED (Coach Mason)
     Mighty 11th Grade BLACK (Coach Walker)
     Mighty 10th Grade RED (Coach Burton)

Atlanta Regional Tournament

     Mighty 4th Grade Lady Select RED (Coach Neiger)
     Mighty 8th Grade Lady Select RED (Coach McCrae)

YBOA State

     Mighty 5th Grade RED (Coach Johnson)
     Mighty 6th Grade SILVER (Coach Christopher)
     Mighty 7th Grade SILVER (Coach Baskerville)
     Mighty 7th Grade RED (Coach Jones)
     Mighty 8th Grade BLACK East (Coach Franklin)
     Mighty 8th Grade BLACK West (Coach Aziz)

GA Tar Heels

     Mighty Ninth Grade BLACK 8732 (Coach Gates)
     Mighty 11th Grade PLATINUM (Coach Foster)


     Mighty 10th Grade CLASSIC (Coach Hill)


    Mighty 9th Grade CLASSIC (Coach Butler


Monday, May 14, 2012

Trophy Winners on Mother's Day

Congratulations to the Mighty Ninth Grade GRAND Team, 2d Placed Winner at the Eric Snow Mother's Day Weekend Classic.
The team played with zest and zeal indicating that they are a team to be reckoned with.
A dazzling display of basketball skills.
Fun to watch. Go Select!

Congratulations to the Mighty Eleventh Grade CLASSIC Team, YBOA National Qualifier Division I at the YBOA State Tournament.
A group of extremely talented players that are ready to represent
Atlanta Select at the Nationals.
SYNERGY in action. Go Select!

Friday, May 11, 2012

10 Teams are playing this Mother's Day Weekend.

Atlanta Select Salutes All Mothers for their Loving Support.

Pictured above is the Mighty Ninth Grade RED team at the Corey Brewer Classic last year on Mother's Day Weekend. They found time to salute the mothers that traveled with the team to Tennessee for the tournament.

So no matter where or what our Atlanta Select teams are doing this weekend we understand that it is because of the solid support we have from Atlanta Select mothers. We could not do what we do and do it so well without your support.

We thank you all and wish you a happy and safe Mother's Day weekend.

Ten Atlanta Select teams are playing this weekend.

In the Future 150:
Eleventh Grade WHITE, Coach Lanier
Eleventh Grade RED, Coach Mason
Ninth Grade BLACK 8732, Coach Gates

In the YBOA State Championship:
Ninth Grade SILVER, Coach Powell
Ninth Grade PRIME, Coach Hall
Eleventh Grade CLASSIC, Coach Williams

In the YBOA Summer Challenge:
Fifth Grade RED, Coach Johnson

In the Classic at Clayton State:
Eighth Grade Lady Select RED, Coach McCrae

In the Eric Snow USSSA Classic:
Ninth Grade GRAND, Coach White
Tenth Grade BLACK, Coach Penny

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Champions - May 6, 2012

The Mighty Eighth Grade Lady Select RED. Champions - "Hard in the Paint" Classic.

The Mighty Ninth Grade BLACK 8732 - Playing up - Champions -
GA Tar Heel's Tournament. 

The Mighty Tenth Grade Lady Select SILVER - Champions -
West GA Xpress Tournament.

The Mighty Tenth Grade RED Team - Champions - Big Shots Gold Division.

Go Select!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ballin' this weekend, 05/04-06/2012

 At least 16 Atlanta Select teams "Ballin" this Weekend.

YBOA State

Sixth Grade SILVER
Seventh Grade SILVER
Eighth Grade SILVER

AAU District Qualifier

Ninth Grade GRAND
Ninth Grade SILVER
Ninth Grade CLASSIC

YBOA Cobb County Shootout

Fifth Grade SILVER
Seventh Grade RED

Kennesaw Fury Sibling Rivalry

Eleventh Grade CLASSIC

Atlanta Lady Select Activity

Seventh Grade Lady Select RED
Tenth Grade Lady Select SILVER

Big Shots Atlanta

Tenth Grade RED
Eleventh Grade RED
Eleventh Grade BLACK

Georgia Tar Heel's Classic

Ninth Grade BLACK 8732
Eleventh Grade MIDNIGHT