Saturday, March 31, 2012

Highlighting the Ninth Grade Select Few Classic Finalists

Georgia Fastbreak - Champions - Ninth Grade.

Atlanta Select PRIME - 2d Place Winner - Ninth Grade

Friday, March 30, 2012

Highlighting the Eighth Grade Select Few Finalists

Georgia Hornets - Champions - Select Few Classic.

Atlanta Select SILVER - 2d Place - Select Few Classic.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Highlighting the Seventh Grade Select Few Classic Finalists

The Brimingham Gators - Seventh Grade Champions - Select Few Classic

The Albany Elite -  Seventh Grade 2d Place Winners - Select Few Classic

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Highlighting the Sixth Grade Select Few Classic Finalists

Sixth Grade Select Few Classic Champions, - Notorious.

Sixth Grade Select Few Classic 2d Place Winner, - Top Notch.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Highlighting the 5th Grade Select Few Classic Finalists

Congratulations to the Top Notch Basketball Club, 5th Grade Select Few Classic Tournament Champions.

Congratulations to the Atlanta Select SILVER, 5th Grade 2d place Winners.
This is their second tournament and their second trophy.
Go Select.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The REVISED "Select Few" Tournament Schedule, March 23-25, 2012

Welcome to the Atlanta Select Annual "Select Few" tournament. (Revised as of Friday, Mar 23 at 6 AM)

All games for the 5th, 6th and 7th grade teams will be played at Gold Dust Park, 646 Industrial Park Blvd, Villa Rica, GA 30180. Tournament/Site Director is Coach Baskerville (404) 554-7405.

Games for the 8th grade teams will be played on Friday, March 23 at Gold Dust Park. All Games on Saturday will be played at Mason Creek Middle School, 7777 Mason Creek Road, Winston, GA 30187. Eighth grade games on Sunday will be back at Gold Dust Park. Tournament/Site Director at Mason Middle School is Coach Carpenter (404) 210-9935.

All games for the 9th and 10th grade teams will be played at Redan High School, 5247 Redan Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30088. Tournament Director is Coach Lanier at (404) 579-1410. Site Director is Coach Franklin at (678) 608-5257.

All Games for the 11th grade teams will be played at Hapeville Recreation Center, 3344 North Fulton Ave, Hapeville, GA 30354. Tournament Director/Site Director is Coach Lanier (404) 579-1410.

All teams are guaranteed 3 games, either in pool or bracket play.

Home team should wear Light color jerseys. Visiting team should wear Dark.

Each team (Home & Away) is required to provide a scorekeeper for their game. Time keeper will be provided by the tournament director. Scoresheet will be provided.

Tie Breaker: Ties for pool winners and at large teams will be based first on head-to-head then point differential.

Game time is scheduled time.

Admission: $7.00 per day or $15.00 for weekend pass. Children 10u $4.00 per day or $10.00 weekend pass.

Tournament Pools for 5th through 8th grades

5th Grade                                

A1 AtlSelect                            

A2 Atl Attack                          


A4 EBC Ballers

A5 Atl Knockout

A6 TNBC White

A7 GA United

6th Grade

Pool C                                                   Pool D   

C1 TNBC Coach T                              D1 Hoop Ave Star

C2 AtlSelect                                        D2 GA Hornets

C3 EBC Ballers                                    D3 GA United

C4 Notorious                                      D4 Atlanta Attack

Friday 23 Mar
C1 vs C2

Friday 23 Mar
D1 vs D3

Saturday 25 Mar
C4 vs C3

Saturday 25 Mar
D1 vs D4

Saturday 25 Mar
C1 vs C4

Saturday 25 Mar
D2 vs D3

Saturday 25 Mar
D1 vs D2

Saturday 25 Mar
C1 vs C3

Saturday 24 Mar
D4 vs D2

Saturday 24 Mar

Saturday 24 Mar
C3 vs C2

Sunday 25Mar
C4 vs C2

Sunday 25 Mar
D4 vs D3

Sunday 25 Mar
1:00 pm
6th Grade Semi Final
1st Pool D vs 2nd Pool C

Sunday 25 Mar
6th Grade Semi final
1st Pool C vs 2nd Pool D

Sunday 25 Mar
6th Grade Championship

7th Grade

E1 AtlSelect

E2 B’Ham Gators

E3 Ga Hornets

E4 Albany Elite

E5 Atl Knockout

E6 Lights Out

E7 GA Stunners

8th Grade

F1 AtlSelect

F2 GA Shock Blk

F3 Atlanta Attack

F4 GA Shock Red

F5 GA Bulldogs

F6 Ga Hornets

F7 GA Enforcers

Atlanta Select Few Schedule 5th through 8th grades

Friday March 23, 2012
Gold Dust Park, Villa Rica

Court 1
Court 2
5th A6 vs A5
8th F5 Vs F6
5th A3 vs A7
8th F4 vs F3
7th E5 vs E6
6th C1 vs C6
7th E7 vs E3
6th D1 vs D3

Atlanta Select Few Schedule for 5th through 8t grades
Saturday, March 24
Gold Dust Park, Villa Rica

Court 1
Court 2
5th A4 vs A2
6th C4 vs C3
5th A1 vs WG1
7th F1 vs E2
5th WG2 vs WG3
5th L2 vs L3
12 noon
6th D1 vs D2
7th WG2 vs WG3
7th D1 vs WG1
5th WG4 vs WG5
6th C1 vsC4
6th D2 vs D3
5th L1 vs L5
7th L2 vs L3
Bracket fill
5th L4 vs WG6
6th D1 vs D2
7th L4 vs WG6
6th C1 vs C3
7th L1 vs L5
5th WG7 vs WG8
6th D4 vs D2
7th WG8 vs WG7
7th WG4 vs WG5
5th L9 vs WG 10
6th   C3 vs C2

WG = Winner Game
L = Loser
A,B,D,F,G, and H are Pool Designations
Games for 5th , 6th and 7th grades will be played in a double elimination bracket.

Championship game for 5th grade at 1:00PM, for 6th grade at 3:00pm and for 7th at 12:00pm. All at Gold Dust Park. See Tournament Director, Coach Baskerville for bracket posting. 

Breakdown of 8th grade pool F into sub groups.
                                                                                              POOL-F 2

GA ENFORCER                                                                               GA SHOCK RED
GA SHOCK BLACK                                                                       ATL Select SILVER
GA HORNETS                                                                                 ATL ATTACK

Top 3 teams from Pool- F1 and ALL teams from Pool-F2 advance.

                       Home Team                          Visiting Team                           
      6:30 PM     Bulldogs                             vs  GA Hornets                          
      7:30 PM     GA Shock Red                   vs  Atl. Attack                                                         


      9:00 PM      GA Enforcer                   vs  GA Shock Black
      10:00 AM    Atl Select                       vs  Atl Attack                          
      11:00 AM    GA Hornets                    vs GA Shock Black                              
Afternoon Session

      12:00 PM    Atl Select                       vs  GA Shock Red                                
      1:00 PM    GA Enforcer                    vs  Bulldogs                           
      2:00 PM    GA Shock Black              vs  Bulldogs                        
      3:00 PM    GA Hornets                      vs  GA Enforcer                               
Evening Session (QUARTERFINALS)
      5:00 PM    Pool F2 #2                        vs Pool F1 #3                                
      6:00 PM    Pool F1 #2                        vs Pool F2 #3                                

     10:00 AM   Quarter Winner  # 1          vs  Pool F1 #1                             
     11:00 AM   Quarter Winner  # 1          vs  Pool F2 #1                                                            

       2:00 PM    Winner of Semi #1            vs  Winner of Semi #2               
Select Few Schedule
Sunday  March 25
Gold Dust Park 646 Industrial Blvd Villa Rica GA 30180

Court 1
Court 2
10:00 am
6th Grade C4 vs C2
8th Grade Semi -Final
6th Grade D4 vs D3
8th Grade Semi- Final
5th Grade Championship
7th Grade
L9 vs WGM 10
6th Grade Semi-final
1st pool D vs 2nd Pool C
6th Grade Semi-Final
1st Pool C vs 2nd Pool D
8th Grade Championship
Hold spot for bracket fallout
6th Grade Championship
7th Grade Championship

9th Grade  (Redan High School)
Pool A                                                        Pool B
a. AtlSel SILVER (Coach Powell)            d. AtlSel GRAND (Coach White)
b. AtlSel PRIME (Coach Hall)                  e. GA Fast Break
c. AtlSel CLASSIC (Coach Butler)      
10th Grade (Redan High School)
Pool A                                                       Pool B
a. AtlSel BLACK 8732 (Coach Gates)     d. Atl Lakers (Coach Forman)
b. AtlSel BLACK (Coach Penny)             e. AtlSel RED (Coach Burton)
c. AtlSel CLASSIC (Coach Hill)              f.  GA Stars (Coach Curt)
Friday Night March 23, 2012
7:00PM  b vs. c (9th Grade)
8:15PM  b vs. d (10th Grade)
9:30PM  e vs. d (9th Grade)
Saturday March 24, 2012
9:00AM      d  vs. f (10th Grade)
10:15AM    b  vs. a (9th Grade)
11:15AM    a  vs. b (10th Grade)
12:45PM    d  vs. c (9th Grade)
2:00PM      e  vs. f  (10th Grade)
3:15PM      c  vs. b (10th Grade)
4:45PM      d  vs. e (10th Grade)
6:00PM      a  vs. c (9th Grade)
7:15PM      e  vs. c (10th Grade)
Sunday March 25, 2012
9:00AM    a   vs. f (10th Grade)
10:15PM   e   vs. b (9th Grade)
11:15PM   a   vs. d (9th Grade)
9th Grade Semi Finals
12:45PM Pool A First vs. Pool B Second at Redan HS
12:45PM Pool B First vs. Pool A Second at Hapeville Rec
9th Grade Finals 
3:15PM Championship Game between Pool Winners at Hapeville Rec
10th Grade Semi Finals
11:30AM Pool B First  vs. Pool A Second at Hapeville Rec
11:30AM Pool A First  vs. Pool B Second at Redan HS 
10th Grade Finals
4:45PM Championship Game between Pool Winners at Hapeville Rec

11th Grade Hapeville Recreation Center

Pool A                                                        Pool B

a. AtlSel WHITE (Coach Lanier)              e. AtlSel BLACK (Coach Walker)
b. AtlSel GRAND (Coach Spearman)       f. AtlSel MIDNIGHT (Coach Gates)
c. AtlSel CLASSIC (Coach Williams)      g. AtlSel RED (Coach Mason)
d. AtlSel PRIME (Coach Hall)                  h. AtlSel SILVER (Coach Morton)

Friday Night, March 23, 2012

7:00PM  a  vs. c (10th Grade) Note: Coach Gates and Coach Hill
8:15PM  a  vs. d (11th Grade)
9:30PM  f  vs. e (11th Grade)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

9:00AM   g  vs. f
10:15AM b  vs. c
11:30AM e  vs. h
12:45PM b  vs. d
2:00PM   g  vs. h
3:15PM   a  vs. c
4:45PM   e  vs. g
6:00PM   c  vs. d
7:15PM   a  vs. b
8:30PM   f  vs. h

Semi Finals 11th Grade at Hapeville

9:00AM Poll A First vs. Pool B Second
10:15AM Pool B First vs. Pool A Second

Championship Game at 2:00PM Winners of Semi finals Games.

Thanks for supporting Atlanta Select. Coach Z at 770-808-4444.