Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Player of the Month - January 2012

Atlanta Select Salutes Bakari Copeland, Junior, Arabia Mountian High School, Lithonia, GA for being selected as "Player of the Month"  Class AA/AAA High School Basketball by the Dekalb County Tip-Off Club.

Bakari, a fourth year Atlanta Select, played last AAU season with the Mighty Tenth Grade SILVER Team, coached by his father, Head Coach Clyde Copeland.

It is amazing to see how Bakari has grown into this outstanding student athlete that has developed into a dynamic basketball player, a force to be reckon with.

During that time he as matured into an extremely confident, aggressive and relentless player who is an all around team player, determined to be a team leader and promote the SYNERGY that is required.
Bakari is an outstanding student athlete who realized that his work in the classroom comes first as he taking the most demanding courses at Arabia Mountain High School. He thrilled the high school student body as he won the pre-season "dunk" contest, thus, an indication of what the season was to become. Check out number 15 below. The Best for Last.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/9lVq09vje3w" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Last Summer he played numerous tournaments, AAU, YBOA, Eric Snow and was selected to travel to the AAU Nationals with an Atlanta Select brother team in which he held his own on the floor.

Bakari is a graduate of the Atlanta Select Skills Development camp, earning his t-shirt in 2010. He wears it proudly at the beach as the team took a break during a tournament in Jacksonville Florida last summer.
As I give a shout out to Bakari I must add a compliment and thanks to his father who coached Bakari and several of his high school teammates last summer. Here is an assessment of what Coach Copeland accomplished last summer in his own words.

Hey coach Z these are the Atlanta Select 10th grade Silver players that made their High School teams.
This is our Championship for the 2011 season. All of our players improved and elevated their games. Of the 9 players on our team SIX of them succeeded @ tryouts. Isn't that like above 60% of our players? You're the mathematician you figure it out. I am really proud of these kids and appreciative of the help and support we recieved from Especially YOU and my assistants Les Archambeau Sr. and Dexter Shelby. Wow, there's no better feeling than watching your players succeed and reach their goals. Our hard word this summer has paid off in a big way. It's Brandon Jones' first year playing basketball at the H.S. level after 2 years of trying out. That's a major accomplishment. It was great and awe inspiring to watch and listen as his select teammates coached, rooted for and inspired him as he put in extra work post Atl Select season to improve his game. As a matter of fact all of these Arabia Mountain players would come out on Thursday and Friday nights to Rainbow Park Baptist Church's gym to work out with Me and Bakari to work on improving their skills. The extra time and effort really benefitted them
Arabia Mountain H.S. VARSITY
Bakari Copeland 11th grade Shooting Guard
Bryan Baptiste 12th Grade Point Guard
Bryson Jones 11th Grade Center
Arabia Mountain H.S. Junior Varsity
Brandon Jones 11th Grade Shooting Guard
Chris Loth 11th Grade Small Forward

Chattahoochee H.S. VARSITY
Lester "Trey" Archambeau 11th Grade Power Forward
From top to bottom -- Trey, Chris, Bryson and Brandon.  Not pictured -Bryan.

Congratulations to all of Bakari's high school and AAU teammates. It's the SYNERGY.
Bakari, whether showing leadership on the basketball court or scholarship in the classroom, justifiably earned and deserved the honor bestowed to him by the Dekalb County, Georgia Tip-Off Club as the "Player of the Month" January 2012. Bakari stands proudly with his parents,
 Coach and Mrs. Copeland.

Atlanta Select Salutes Bakari Copeland, Shooting Guard, Arabia Mountain High School and the Mighty Atlanta Select Eleventh Grade Boys Team SILVER. Congratulations.
Go Select.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Mighty Tenth Grade Boys Team BLACK

Head Coach Richard Penny has announced his Mighty Tenth Grade Boys Team BLACK 2012 Tentative Tournament Schedule. For more information feel free to contact Coach Penny at (678) 458-5025, email: atlselectblack@gmail.com.

Tournament                                   Dates                      Location

Kings of the Court                         Mar 16-18              (SSA), Cummings, GA

The Select Few                             Mar 23-25              (Atlanta Select), Atlanta, GA

Big Shots GA Stars                      Apr 7-8                   (Exposure), Alpharetta, GA

Big Shots Clemson                      Apr 21-22                (NCAA Certified), Clemson Univ, SC

Bob Gibbons Tourn of Champs     Apr 27-29                 (NCAA Certified), Suwannee, GA

Macon Youth Super Reg              May 11-13                (AAU), Macon, GA

Big Shots Hotlanta                       May 26-27               (Exposure), Alpharetta, GA

Super Regional                            Jun 1-3                     (AAU, SPH), Atlanta, GA

Warm Up for the Nationals           Jun 22-24                  (Atlanta Select), Atlanta, GA

AAU Super Showcase                 Jul 10-14                   (AAU), Orlando, FL

Hardees Showcase (On CBS TV) Jul 20-22                  (NSABA), Marietta, GA

Good Luck to the Mighty 10th Grade Boys Team BLACK.

Go Select!

The Mighty Ninth Grade Boys CLASSIC Team Tentative Tournament Schedule for 2012

Head Coach David C. Butler has announced the 2012 Tournament Schedule for his Mighty Ninth Grade Boys CLASSIC Team.
Updated Feb 2, 2012

Tournament                                Dates                               Location

For March

Southern Premier Hoops           Mar 16-18                        Atlanta, GA

The Select Few                        Mar 23-25                       (Atlanta Select), Atlanta, GA

The Icebreaker                         Mar 30 - Apr 1                 Augusta, GA

For April

Atlanta Invitational                    Apr 6-8                            (D1Spects), Atlanta, GA

Marietta Spring Break               Apr 13-15                         (YBOA), Cobb County, GA

Super Regional                        Apr 20-22                         (AAU), Aiken, SC

Dacula Shootout                      Apr 27-29                         (YBOA), Gwinnett County, GA

For May

District/State Qualifier               May 4-6                            (AAU), Milledgeville, GA

State Championship                 May 18-20                        (YBOA), Cobb County, GA 

Memorial Day Classic               May 25-27                        (D1Spects), Atlanta, GA

For June

Super Regional                        June 1-3                           (AAU), (Southern Premier Hoops), Atl. GA

Atlanta Invitational                   June 8-10                          (D1Spects), Atlanta, GA

Warm Up for the Nationals      June 22-24                         (Atlanta Select), Atlanta, GA

For July

The AAU Nationals                  July 10-15                          (AAU National) Little Rock, AR

Go Select!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

25 Pictures from The Final 2011-12 Skills Development Camp, 01-29-2012

About 6 PM Sunday evening, 01-29-2012. The official picture of the older group that attended Skills Development camp. What a day. Check out the other 24 pictures.
Go Select!

I am only 4 years old and I can hang with the 12u group.
Watch my defense.
Watch my offense.
I can keep up with the boys. I have earned my t-shirt.
Block out!

I blocked out!
Run, Get it!
Here I am again, Yes I am only 4 years old.
I am young too. I deserve face time.
See me on the bench, taking a little break!
Two balls now. 
Life Skills session with Coach Cannon. The younger group.
Thanking Coach Jones for a very successful 2011 season. Coach Jones on right.
Ah, Oh, Coach Yuseff with the big boys.
Let's build that core, Get them up.
Not easy, try it.
Time to move to the next station coach.
I got it, this stuff is easy coach.
I made it, I am ready for the next station.
I thought this was over, push ups!
A good training day, just about that time to go home.
Hit the stands, time for life skills.

Atlanta Select would like to thanks the 148 student athletes that attended our 2011-12 Skills Development camp. See you again in September 2012. Have agreat season and now prepare for TRYOUTS.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Final Skills Development Session - First TRYOUT, 01-29-2012

See you this Sunday, January 29, 2011 at the final Skills Development camp for this season. Tryouts will be conducted for selected age groups. Be there!
This Sunday, January 29, 2012 will be the last Skills Development camp for this season. Initial Tryouts will begin the same day as Atlanta Select coaches will be present to observe potential recruits. You are invited out to get that "First Look".

Atlanta Select 2012 Eighth Grade Boys Team SILVER

Coach Carpenter announced his lineup for the Mighty 2012 Atlanta Select Eighth Grade Boys Team SILVER.

Yuseff Carpenter -- SG/SF

Kalen Clifton -- SG/SF

Herbert Tre Jones -- SF/PF

Gregory Ringer -- CG

Travonte White -- CG

Decharri Taylor -- SF

Justice McWilliams -- PF/C

Quint Jackson -- PF/C

Donnie Myers -- PF/C

Jonathon Smith -- SF/PF

Congratulations to these oustanding student athletes. Go Select!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The 2012 Atlanta Select Tenth Grade Boys Team RED

Head Coach Tony Burton announced his lineup for the Mighty Atlanta Select Tenth Grade Boys Team RED.

Paul Webb -- PF/C

Quinton Boyd -- PG

Branson Marks -- PG/SG

Dakota Holtzclaw -- SG/SF

Marcos Samuels -- SF/PF

Jordon Locke -- PF/C

Justin Simpson -- James PF/C

Mike Allen -- SG/SF

Patrick Avery -- SF

Maurice Freeman -- PG/SG/SF/PF

****Tevin Ryles -- SG/SF

****Anthony Burton -- PG

**** Pending

Congratulations to these student athletes. Hard Work = Good Luck. Go Select!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 Sights from Skills Development Camp, 01-22-2012

Get Ready
What's Up?
Get it!
Do it!

Come on!
Watch out!
Move it!
That's it!
You want it!
Wake up!
See you next Sunday, January 29, 2012.
This is the last session of Skills Development camp this season.
Come out, pick up your T-shirt, and maybe some other goodies.
Coaches will be evaluating and recruiting.
Thanks for supporting Atlanta Select.