Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Testimony from a Former Player - Landon Smith

Sometimes we do not understand the impact, we, as coaches have on the student athletes we mentor and coach. That is why we must always "Do the Right Thing" and lead in accordance with the principles stated in the "Golden Rule".  Landon Smith, below, played for Coach Hill and Coach Z approximately 13 years ago, when we were Celtics. At that time we stressed EDUCATION, LIFE SKILLS, SPORTS. These same principles we have incorporated in the foundation of Atlanta Select. We will continue...

Below is a testimony from Landon, posted on our Facebook page today, Feb 26, 2014. As always we wish Landon the best and to "Keep the Faith".

Landon Smith with Tony Hill and 2 others

Coach Tony Hill .. Where do I start ?? ... Since I was a young boy and playing ball I have always thought you were an amazing coach ... And it was more then basketball in the CELTICS Program with you and Coach Z ... You always correlated life ,family academics and more than all... GOD .. Now that I am a man I see your even more an amazing man and full of WISDOM . Coming back last-night to the Hill residence was a good feeling , reminiscing on those 4hr practices and those dang STEPS ... With the clock set on 20 mins to eating my chicken wings and Red Links to talking with you man to man about what's been going on in my life .. And getting input from A man of god and a person I consider my Family. I'm blessed to have people like you and Mrs Glenda Hill .. I know this post don't even cover 0.5% of what The Hills have done or who you are .. I just want to say thanks

Just Go Select!!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

How Sweet to be in the Sweet Sixteen - Go Select!!!

Four Atlanta Select Players from the Mighty 17u/Eleventh Grade CLASSIC Team are in the State Sweet Sixteen.

Datruan Poole of Hapeville Charter

Bobby Jackson of Berkmar High School

Nick Egona of Fayette County High School

Drew Romich of Pope High School.

Congratulations to these 4 players and their entire high school teams for advancing to the "Sweet Sixteen".
What an achievement.

Congratulations to Head Coach Philip Venson for working with these players 
for the last 3 years.

Just Go Select!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Select Players Leading Middle School Team to Championship

Congratulations to D.J. Johnson, Kaveh Brantley and Brison Radcliff. Why? They lead their Lithonia Middle School Team to the Dekalb County Middle School Basketball Championship. Kaveh (in the middle) had 14 points and 7 rebounds.

D.J. and Kaveh play for Head Coach Johnson on his Mighty 7th Grade Atlanta Select COLLEGE BOUND Team and Brison plays for Head Coaches Thompson & Stephens on The Mighty 7th Grade Atlanta Select BLACK ELITE Team. Congratulations again, to these players and coaches and to the entire Lithonia Middle School Team. 

Just Go Select!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Atlanta Select Former Players in High School Dunk Showcase

Check out Two Lovejoy High School Players, Jahir Cabeza and Darius Bridges. These two players played for the Mighty Atlanta Select 10th & 11th Grades BLACK Team (2011-13) under the leadership of Head Coach Richard Penny.,AAAAAFAsZ1c~,8MkVRvW0Dmap2KNORp2ByMgDa4Nk0kno&bclid=3198889394001&
Congratulations all the young men that entered the Dunk Showcase. See you at the next level.

Just Go Select!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Select Players are Just Doing It, in the High School Play-offs.

Marquise Lanier, a senior at Grayson High School, who has been an Atlanta Select for five years, took his team to another level last night (Feb 17, 2014) as he lead his team and school for the first time to the Georgia 6A Play-offs. He scored 20 points with 13 rebounds. Marquise has been selected First Team All Gwinnett County and First Team State of Georgia.  Pictured above he demonstrated his hops on the AAU circuit last Summer.  Tonight (Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014 at 8:30 PM) his team plays at Shiloh HS. Let's see what is next.

Four Atlanta Select players from the Mighty Atlanta Select 9th Grade SILVER team last season are celebrating the 4A Region Championship last night. The Alexander High School team had 20 straight wins. Undefeated!!! Players from left to right above are; Tre Jones, Yuseff Carpenter, Jr., Anthony Taylor and Josh Heath, all players coached by Yuseff Carpenter, Sr. , Head Coach this year for the Mighty Atlanta Select 10th Grade SILVER Team. 

The hard work these players endured while playing on the AAU circuit with Atlanta Select last season is paying off. What can I say? Just Go Select!!!

Just Go Select!!!