Monday, July 21, 2014

The 2014 Experiences of Two Select Nation Teams.

Each team in the Atlanta/Savannah/Augusta Basketball Nation is tasked to implement the organizational programs. Our program is based on three pillars; 
Education - Life Skills - Sports.  
Below is the 2014 Experience (in pictures) by the Mighty Atlanta Select Seventh Grade COLLEGE Bound Team with Head Coach Michael Johnson and his Little Brother Team, the Mighty Sixth Grade COLLEGE Bound with Head Coach Woods. 
The two teams practiced together and played in mostly the same tournaments.

Coach Johnson with Assistant Coach Woods lead the Mighty Select Sixth Grade RED team during the 2013 season. He ended the 2013 season by taking his team to the 
USBA Nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The team had a gallant run in the 2013 tournament and fun at the beach. The parents and players were determine to return to the USBA Nationals in 2014 and make another run for the National Championship.

After returning from Myrtle Beach Coach Johnson decided to keep his team active throughout the Summer and Fall. He took his team to visit the CNN Center and to WNBA basketball games.

When the 2014 Select Nation Skills Development camp began in September Coach Johnson assisted in the training.

He ensured that several of his returning players attended the camp.

Last November at his End of the 2013 season banquet he recognized the achievement of his sixth grade players and congratulate those who made their Middle School's basketball teams.
CJ Butler

Coach Johnson at our Kick-Off meeting for the 2014 season was honored as the 
2013 Select Coach of the Year.

Coach Johnson had several sixth graders on his seventh grade team and thus he decided to form two teams for the 2014 season with his assistant coach, Coach Woods, to lead that team. He also decided to change the name of the teams from RED to COLLEGE Bound.

He also ordered new uniforms to reflect the name change from RED to  COLLEGE Bound "CB"

He also mandated that his players wear shirt and tie to games.

The teams were sharp dressers whether they wore shirt and tie or shooting shirts. They followed the Select principle, 
Look Good, Play Good.

Coach Johnson and Coach Woods took the teams on several outings to include a tour of the World of Coca Cola.

On a trip to Augusta, GA for a local tournament, the teams made friends with the local cheerleaders.
Boys will be Boys.

On another outing the COLLEGE Bound teams visited Stone Mountain Park with their parents. Food and Fun for all.

The two COLLEGE Bound teams earned 12 trophies during the season.

Coach Johnson - 7th Grade COLLEGE Bound - 6
Coach Woods 6th Grade COLLEGE Bound – 6

Coach Johnson and Coach Woods decided that they would return to the USBA Nationals.

Prior to going to Myrtle Beach, SC the teams decided to have fun at a local pool preparing for the surf at Myrtle Beach.

At The USBA Nationals the teams attended the opening ceremony.

Had meals at neat places.

Stayed at a fancy place and assisted in the cooking.

Had fun with their teammates.

By the way the primary reason the team was at Myrtle beach was to play basketball. The Mighty 7th Grade went 4 - 0  in pool play, only losing in the first round of bracket play.

Pool D
Atlanta Select College Bound
Beyond The Lines
Carolina Phenoms
Cleveland County Elite Purple
VA Select

The Mighty 6th Grade COLLEGE Bound team was 1 - 3 in Pool Play.

The Parents were very supportive all season and many took in the National experience with their children.

After the tournament the teams took some time to have fun at the beach.

But the highlight of the season for these two two teams is what they did at the end of the tournament. They gave their basketball shoes to the USBA organization to support 
under served communities.

On the last night of their stay at Myrtle Beach, the coaches took their young teen aged boys to a teen club. Boy, were they excited. Just clean age appropriate fun.

The 6th and 7th Grade COLLEGE Bound teams had a wonderful season. This is just an example on what Select teams do. Kudos to Coach Johnson and Coach Woods and their Mighty Teams.

Just Go Select!!!