Monday, April 22, 2013

Congratulations - Champions- The Mighty Fifth Grade Lady Select RED

Congratulations to Coach Neiger and Jackson and the Mighty Fifth Grade Lady Select RED, Champions at the tournament in Fairburn. The first of many for the season. Let's get it on. 
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Congratulations - The Mighty Sixth Grade RED Team, 2d Placed Winner -

Coach Michael Johnson and his Mighty Sixth Grade RED team earned second place in the POWERADE Classic held at ATPP.

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Congratulations Champions - The Mighty Eighth Grade RED Team - NAYBA Tournament

Earning his first trophy for the season is Coach Delmer Jones and his Mighty Eighth Grade RED Team. By the way, on his birthday. A great gift to him from his powerful team.
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Congratulations - Champions, The Mighty Tenth Grade Atlanta Select PRIME Team - Big Shots Clemson.

Champions, Big Shots NCAA Certified Event, Clemson, SC. --- The Mighty Tenth Grade Atlanta Select PRIME Team, Head Coach Dwayne Hall. 
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Congratulations 2d Place Winner - King James SILVER Division - The Mighty Eleventh Grade RED Team

The Mighty Atlanta Select Eleventh grade RED team had a very successful tournament run at King James. They won several games in dynamic fashion, such as being 12 points down in a playoff game and proceeding to win with only seconds left. They gained Maximum EXPOSURE during a NCAA certified event. Congratulations to Coach Burton and his great team. 
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Congratulations - Champions - The Mighty Ninth Grade SILVER Team _ GA Shock Hoop Fest.

The Mighty Ninth Grade SILVER Team
Head Coach Yuseff Carpenter.

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Congratulations - GOLD Division Champions - Big Shots Clemson - 11th Grade BLACK Team

MVP of the Big Shots Tournament - Jahir Cabeza, 22 points, 5 rebounds, 3 blocks, and he put up 29 points in the semifinal game against the north Georgia Heat.

Team defeated the Charlotte Storm 51-50 in the championship game. What a way to do it!!!

Congratulations to the Mighty Eleventh Grade Atlanta Select BLACK Team, Head Coach Richard Penny.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trophy Winners - April 14, 2013

The Mighty Atlanta Select Eleventh Grade CLASSIC Team- Runner Up -PQ Sports Tournament.

The Mighty Atlanta Lady Select Tenth Grade RED Team -Runner Up -YBOA Classic.

The Mighty Atlanta Select Eighth Grade SILVER Team-Runner UP - Sports Authority CLASSIC.


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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trophy Winners - April 7, 2013 - Go Atlanta Select.

The Mighty Eleventh Grade BLACK Team 8732. Champions - GA Tar Heel's Tournament.

The Mighty Eighty Grade CLASSIC Team. Champions - Playmaker's Tournament.

Atlanta Select "Team of the Week" The Mighty Ninth Grade WHITE Team. 
With only six players for the entire tournament, this team played with CARS-- Confident, Aggressive, Relentless, SYNERGY. They played their Hearts Out. Earning a Second Place finish. Congratulations.
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Kudos goes to The Mighty Tenth Grade Savannah Select RED Team, with Coaches Williams and Little, earning a trophy in there first tournament of the season. They played locally in a Savannah tournament. Watch out. You will be hearing a lot more from them.
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Just a Few of the Atlanta Select Teams That are Playing Today, Sunday, April 7, 2013

From top to bottom.

The Mighty Eleventh Grade BLACK Team in The Big Shots Southern Stampede.

The Mighty Eighth Grade CLASSIC Team in The Phillip Haynes Playmakers Tournament.

The Mighty Seventh Grade SILVER East Team In a GA Tar Heel's Tournament.

Good Luck to all.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Atlanta Select Teams in Action This Weekend, Apr 5-7

At least 10 Atlanta Select teams are participating in tournaments this weekend. Good Luck to all.
At Big Shots Southern Stampede
The Mighty Eleventh Grade BLACK Team with Darius Bridges will be playing in their second Big Shots tournament this season. Two weeks ago, Darius was highlighted as the most outstanding tournament player for the weekend. Especially noteworthy was that he suffered the day before the complete lost of his home due to fire. He stayed focus and played his heart out. Good luck to Darius and the mighty Eleventh Grade BLACK Team.


The Mighty Tenth Grade PRIME Team. In the Pool with the Carolina Pride, Carolina Raptors and the Showtime Ballers. Go Select.


The Mighty Tenth Grade CLASSIC Team. In the Pool with the Coastal Crew Rebels, Upstate Celtics and the Tucker Running Rebels. A lot of Rebels. Go Select!

In Alabama at the Future 150.
The Mighty Eleventh Grade RED Team. In the Pool with the Chattanooga Elite, Memphis Falcons White and Memphis Hoopers. Matching up with teams from Tennessee.

At Central Gwinnett High School / GA Tar Heels Tournament
The Mighty Seventh Grade SILVER East Team. Going for their second trophy for the season.
The Mighty Tenth Grade BLACK Team 8732. Going for Number 3.
The Mighty Eleventh Grade BLACK Team 8732. Also going for number 3


In Savannah at a Warm Up Tournament
The Mighty Tenth Grade RED Team. Getting ready for King James.


At D1Spects Atlanta Invitational-Therrell HS
Coach Kevin Morris and his Mighty Seventh Grade BLACK Team will begin regular tournament play this weekend. Go Select.


At Sprayberry High School - Battle of the Playmakers.
The Mighty Eighth Grade CLASSIC Team. Going for number 2. Go Select!


Good Luck to all the teams in tournaments this weekend. 
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Salute One of Our Local Vendors, Going Strong Sports.

 Atlanta Select was formed in 2005. Our first local uniform vendor in 2006 was Going Strong Sports, with Coach Shamus Goss. At that time his operation was based in his garage. He and his family members were the primary operators. He promised to provide excellent and quality service on a timely basis. For the last 8 years he has done so.

Going Strong Sports is our major local vendors that serves my 30+ teams in Metro Atlanta, Savannah and Augusta, GA. His service and support has continuously been outstanding and we will maintain our loyalty to his operations.

George H. Zeigler, Jr.
COO & Co-Founder
Atlanta Select Basketball Assn.