Monday, August 25, 2014

Select Nation - This is What We Do!

Many ask, 
"Why Join the Select Nation?" Below is just an example of "What We Are All About?" 
Take a look at our activities just last weekend, August 22 - 24, 2014. 
Just Go Select!!!

Community Action

"Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop." 
- Dorothy Height

On Sunday, August 24, 2014,  our 7th and 8th Grade College Bound teams took this idea to heart by performing a huge act of community service. They started their Sunday morning by waking early and traveling to My Sister's House, a local women and children's shelter. 

These amazing young men prepared food and served numerous women and children, ranging from 7 months to 11 years of age. 

The Coaches and Parents of the players assisted in preparing the food.

Once the food was prepared the group of over 40 College Bound players, parents and family members linked arms with the kitchen staff and joined together in a heartfelt prayer prior to serving. 

Several young men took their service a step further and assisted residents and their children by carrying food trays, providing water, refilling cups of juice, pushing strollers, burping babies, clearing tables, cleaning spills and even playing a little basketball outside with some of the children who call My Sister's House home.

A shout out goes to Head Coach Michael Johnson (Coach of the 8th Grade 2014-15 COLLEGE Bound Team), and his wife and Team Parent Coordinator (Shannon) for organizing this activity along with Head Coach Woods and Team Parent Coordinator Denek Waller, plus other Select Nation family members and coaches and parents from other Select teams.
Coach Johnson, Team Parent Coordinator Shannon Johnson and their son.
Coach Woods and a Shelter tenant.

Ms. Denek Waller

Parents, Coaches, Friends and Student Athletes.

During the food service, which lasted more than two hours, many individuals expressed their tremendous gratitude with random rounds of thunderous applause. The success of today provided these young men with life skills in addition to character and image development. We are thankful for having the opportunity to give back by serving the community.  

End of Season Activities
On Saturday, August 23, the two teams above climbed Stone Mountain for an outing.
Coach Johnson
Coach Woods
Coach Isaac who will be joining the organization as a Select Nation Head Coach for the 2014-15 season.
The group resting after a great workout.

And on Sunday, August 24, the Mighty 2d, 8th West and 11th Grade SILVER Teams held their End of Season Banquet at Clark Atlanta University.
The banquet was held in the Thomas W Cole, Jr Research Center for Science and Technology.

Coach Baskerville, Head Coach of the Mighty 2d Grade SILVER Team, recognized each member of his team and awarded a monetary gift to the high  academic achievers.

Head Coach Chris Morris (below) talked about each of his players that were on his 8th Grade SILVER West team highlighting that many are making a dynamic impression with their high school coaches. Several are in such good shape that they have been recruited for the football team.
 In turn a representative  from Coach Morris team expressed the support and guidance he gave the team.

Head Coach Kenneth Powell (below) Showed a slide that indicated the college major that each one of his players have noted. He also stressed how the team bonded on the Exposure trips to Hampton, VA for the Boo Williams Classic and to Las Vegas, NV for the Showcase tournament there.

A couple of former Select Nation players that did not play last season due to injury or other reasons where in attendance and expressed their appreciation of the knowledge and support they received from the Select coaches.

The Parents in attendance of the 2d Grade team had a chance to express their appreciation.
They recognized their coach, Coach Baskerville.

And they recognized their Team Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Clayton.

Good Luck to the Student Athletes in the classroom and on the hardwood this season.

In addition to Community Action and End of Season activities 3 Select Nation teams participated in tournaments, 10th Grade PRO, 10th Grade BLACK and 11th Grade BLACK.

The 10th Grade BLACK (Head Coach Mays) with only 5 players all weekend defeated their brother team in the semi-finals and continued on to win the championship.

The 11th Grade BLACK Team (Head Coach Gates) are on a roll winning their third championship in a row.

With only one more week in the 2014 AAU Season the organization has exceeded its stated "Trophy Count" goal.  We established a goal of 100 for the season. We achieved that goal by July 1. We revised the goal to 120 by Sept 1. We have achieved that goal with one over.

The Count is 121

Coach McCrae - 6th Grade Lady Select RED - 12
Coach Baskerville – 2nd Grade SILVER - 8
Coach Gates - 11th Grade BLACK -8
Coach Lawson - 5th Grade RED - 7
Coach Burks - 5th Grade PRIME - 7
Coach Hill – 9th Grade SILVER - 7
Coach Woods - 6th Grade COLLEGE Bound - 7
Coach Ricker - 9th Grade CLASSIC - 6
Coach Johnson - 7th Grade COLLEGE Bound - 6
Coach Ferrell - 9th Grade RED - 5
Coach Frazier - 6th Grade SILVER – 5
Coach Hall -11th Grade PRIME - 5
Coach Lee - 11th Grade RED Elite - 4
Coach C. Morris - 8th Grade SILVER West – 4
Coach Shepherd -2nd Grade PUNISHERS - 4
Coach Burton 8th Grade RED - 4
Coach Venson - 11th Grade CLASSIC - 3
Coach Thompson/Stephens - 7th Grade BLACK Elite - 3
Coach Harris - 3d Grade SILVER - 3
Coach Christopher - 8th Grade Silver East - 2
Coach Glenn - 10th Grade PRO - 2
Coach Mays - 10th Grade BLACK - 2
Coach Gates - 11th Grade 8732 - 1
Coach K. Morris - 8th Grade BLACK - 1
Coach Carpenter - 11th Grade SILVER - 1
Coach McCrae - 6th Grade Lady Select WHITE - 1
Coach Cruz - 9th Grade BLACK - 1
Coach Spivey - 6th Grade GRAND – 1
Coach Wallace – 11th Grade VISION – 1

The Select Nation is committed to develop and expose our young people to as many areas as possible in an effort to produce a productive citizen.

We want to be true to our vision 
To expand the horizon of young people through Education, Life Skills and Sports while promoting self-sufficiency.

The above activities may be enough for you to say - 

Just Go Select!!