Thursday, September 26, 2013

Atlanta Select Salutes Coach M. Gates

A member of Atlanta Select since 2005.

Owns a successful business.

Has earned 100+ trophies.

Provides support to the under served Student Athlete.

Atlanta Select Salutes Head Coach Marc Gates, a member of Atlanta Select since its inception back in October 2005. He has guided more than 50 student athletes, coaching two teams for the last eight years. Many of his players have moved on to other Select teams and to other AAU organizations, but their roots and solid foundation began with the guidance and support of Coach Gates.

Coach Gates is the proprietor of a physical fitness center, Best Fitness on Pharr Road in the Buckhead community in Atlanta. He provides services to businessmen, professional athletes and also, to student athletes on his teams and others.

Scattered throughout his business is the 100+ trophies his Atlanta Select teams have earned over the last 8 years.
Included in his trophy count are three national championship trophies.

His two teams for the 2012-13 season, the Mighty Tenth  and Eleventh Grades BLACK 8732, earned a total of 12 trophies, the last one earned on the last day of the 2013 season at the "Tournament R Us" Labor Day Classic. They were champions.

Coach Gates along with Coach Gerald Stewart, earned their first trophy in the Spring of 2006. 
His teams have played in major tournament throughout the United States.

One of his prize student athlete is his son Christan, who has been on his team for all eight years.
Not only his son Christan has been with him for eight years, but several other players such as Demetrius McNeal.
Tyrius Walker has been with him only a couple years but has excelled.

Also James Hunter, who works out at his Fitness Center.

Tyrius and James are just two of the more than 50 players that have Coach Gates has guided.

Highlights from the Summer of 2014

Atlanta Select Salutes Coach Gates for being loyal, successful and dedicated for the last nine years.

Just Go Select!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's September- Skills Development Training is On.!!!

This Sunday - September 22, 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 2 PM,
 the 2013-14 Skills Development training will begin.
 Price Middle School, the same location as last season,
 will be the place for training. 
Click on "Camp" above for details.