Monday, May 4, 2015

Select Nation's History Making Weekend.

Atlanta Select Coaches, Team Parent Coordinators and Student Athletes participated in a History Making weekend, May 1 - 3, 2015. Twenty six teams participated in tournaments, with 16 teams in one major USSSA Super Regional, six in Bob Gibbons, one in YBOA Super Regional in Alabama, two in the AAU Girls District/State championship and one in a local regional tournament. The teams earned 10 trophies, eight championships and two runner-up. This was the first time in Select Nation's History that 26 teams played during one weekend, a total of 10 trophies earned in one weekend and 16 teams playing in one major tournament. All we can say, :Just Go Select!!! Now let's review who and what made history.
This weekend the The Lady Select Black Future & Black Diamond  won the 3rd Grade
AAU STATE Division I & Division II . Earning two bids to AAU Nationals. 
The MVP, Camille Files, a 2nd grader who was just a baby when her big sister would go to
battle against the Mighty GA Pistols, but would come up short. 
We continue to finish 2nd. 
It has been 10 years that Coach Dove has been trying to beat this organization.
His babies, which consist of 4 1st graders, 5 2nd graders 7 3rd graders, got the
job done twice.
Congratulations to Head Coach Mandeldove, his CADRE and the Mighty ladies for making "History". Just Go Select!!!

The Mighty 9u SYNERGY Select are Champions at the Halftime Sports USSSA Super Regional. Coaches "G", Baskerville and Butler have assembled a dynamic crew of young ballers that have earned 10 trophies this season. Check out the video below to see these "Ballers" in action.

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Or click on this link:

All we can say? Just Go Select!!!
Another championship. Season record 24 - 2 with a current 9 games win streak with 4 championships. 
Only losses to 10u State Champs (J3 Basketball) and Triple Double (5th Grade 11u).
Congrats to Coach Chan and his mighty crew.

Just Go Select!!!
Another tournament, another championship.
USSSA Super Regional Champs.
The Mighty 11u BLACK 2022 with Coaches Keown & Elston.
This tight group of young men not only play their games with ease but find time to cheer on their brother teams. Class with style.
Just Go Select!!!

Lady Select Red (13u) has done it again. While playing up in the 8th grade division, they went undefeated and won the championship defeating the D.C Tigers by 9 points. They have played in 5 tourneys and won 5 trophies (made it to championship each time) :). "They ready Coach" states Head Coach McCrae.

Just Go Select!!!

The Mighty 13u COLLEGE Bound is for real. In a semi-final game at halftime they were down by double digits. Guess what? They won the game by double digits.
They were Runner -up in the USSSA Super Regional.
Congrats to Coach Woods and his mighty team.
Just Go Select!!!

The Mighty 14u COLLEGE Bound played late into Sunday evening and earned Runner-up status at the USSSA Super Regional. 

Coach Johnson displays solid confidence in his COLLEGE Bound teams.
Just Go Select!!!

The Mighty 15u RED added another championship at the USSSA Super Regional.
As Head Coach Burton celebrated his anniversary his assistant coaches lead the team to the championship.
Senior Select Coach Sanders says "Have No Fear, I am Here"!
Just Go Select!!!

The Mighty 16u RED captured the championship at the USSSA Super Regional.
The team is preparing for their trip to Kentucky for a major tournament. Thus, this championship gives them added confidence. They are ready.
Just Go Select!!!
The Select Nation's 2015 Trophy Count stands at 74.

Coach Baskerville/Coach G - 9U Team SYNERGY Select = 10
Coach Johnson - 14U COLLEGE Bound = 8
Coaches Keown & Elston - 11U Black 2022 = 6
Coach Chan - 10U BLACK 2023 = 6
Coach Ferrell - 16U RED Elite = 5
Coach Jackson - 8U SOUTH SIDE = 5
Coach McCrae - 13U Lady Select RED = 5
Coach Woods - 13U COLLEGE Bound = 4
Coach T. Hill - 16U SILVER = 3
Coach Burton - 15U RED = 3
Coach Gates - 17U BLACK (Gates) = 3
Coach Lawson - 12U RED = 2
Coach Thompson & Stephens - 14U BLACK Elite = 2
Coach Frazier - 13U SILVER = 2
Coach Ricker - 16U CLASSIC = 2
Coach Mandeldove - 9U Lady Select BLACK Diamond = 2
Coach Mandeldove - 8U Lady Select BLACK Future = 2
Coach Shepherd - 8U PUNISHERS = 1
Coach JayBee - 17U PRIME = 1
Coach AC Christopher - 15U SILVER = 1
Coach Mays - 17U BLACK (Mays) = 1
Enough Said
Just Go Select!!!