Monday, December 15, 2014

Champions Again Atlanta Select 9u SILVER Team

The Mighty Atlanta Select 9u SILVER Team with Head Coach Baskerville (Not Pictured) 
Asst. Coach Christopher and Team Parent Coordinator Mrs. Clayton.
Champions - Georgia Knockouts' Christmas Tournament
December 12-14, 2014

Just Go Select!!! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What Happen at the Select Nation's Coaches Meeting, 12-06-2014?

Time: 09:45 AM Saturday, December 6, 2014
Coach Z (Co-Founder & COO) calls the meeting to order.
Vendor presentation before main meeting starts.
Michael Luscher, CEO Point 3 Basketball
Michael gives a 15 minute presentation on his company and its products.
The group listens attentively as our Videographer records the action.
Time 10 AM
Coach Hill (Co-Founder & CEO) is introduced and gives opening remarks.

Coach McCadney, Asst Coach, (Mighty 2014 6th Grade Lady Select RED) breaks in after Coach Hill and highlight the benefits of AAU basketball and some of the rules of play. Indicated that he is also a certified referee and can and willingly will to help and teach the game.
Knowing it is not time for discussion Coach Z let's him speck because he has great information.

Coach Z regains the floor and explains that this is a LIP, CHIP and SIP meeting, talk, eat chips and sip water. However, he was advised by his special lady to try Ray's donuts, the best in the city. He fell for it and bought 5 dozens, one each for each attendee.
They loved them!!!
Then Coach Z introduced the group dynamic, a grab bag exercise in which the participant would grab a bag, but could not open but could trade, sell or keep. Once opened they must keep the contents.

Very little trading, most kept their bagged item.
After the grab bag exercise head coaches were to find their handbook with no name on it.

It was time for the formal session. Coach Z discussed the philosophy of the organization, starting with the concept of CADRE

Thank you awards were issued to each head coach.

Head Coach Kevin Morris' award was buried in the stuff and was not presented. My Badd.

Coach Hill had to leave early and was presented a special trophy early.
Coach Hill was presented the Skills Developer Coach of the Year and honored as being tied second in the Trophy Count.
Coach Baskerville tied for second in the Trophy Count.

Coach Gates was recognized as the winningest coach in the history of the organization
100+ in nine years.

First this year. Life Skills Coach of the Year
A tie, Coach Johnson and Woods.
They presented Coach Z with a COLLEGE Bound t- shirt.
New this season Assistant Coach of the Year
Paul McCadney
Coach of the Year
Tyrell McCrae

Now get ready for the the group picture.

And finally the group picture.
Time 12 Noon. ********
Check out the Slide Show below for more details about the meeting.

Monday, December 8, 2014